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MOU signing ceremony for Strategic Partnership: Saint-Gobain & Tongji University

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Saint-Gobain-- the world leader in the habitat and construction market, signed with Tongji University on March 10th a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU). It establishes strong, strategic partnership of both parties in several significant areas including joint research projects, employment and internship opportunities for Tongji students in Saint-Gobain, scholarship programs and technical training. This is the first strategic University collaboration project set up by Saint-Gobain in China. As part of MOU signing event, Saint-Gobain renewed its donation agreement to student scholarship and sponsorship and also signed one new research agreement.

Mr. Javier Gimeno, General Delegate of Saint-Gobain in Asia-Pacific expressed that, the establishment of this MOU is very important to Saint-Gobain, which will guide the direction for both sides in the future. China plays an important role in the global strategic vision of Saint-Gobain. With the strategic move that China is operating in its economic model the importance of RD and innovation can only increase. Saint-Gobain will bring the best resources to China and perform the developments based on local needs. From this prospective and within our concept of “open innovation”, it is an absolute MUST for Saint-Gobain getting in intimate connection and developing fruitful partnerships with the best research institutes in China. It is a certainty to choose Tongji University. He expects a long-term and comprehensive collaboration.

Professor Xianjin Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University, expressed his appreciation for the great and long-term support received from Saint-Gobain on research and student activities, as well as the good relationship between both sides and the fruitful collaboration results. He mentioned that support from different sectors of this community especially from big company like Saint-Gobain , are really needed for Tongji University, in order to accelerate its progress to the first-class university and the first-class talent development. Mr.Yang also pointed out that it is a great pleasure that Tongji University becomes one member of the global university network of Saint-Gobain, and the establishment of this MOU will become a new standing point for the collaboration of both sides to reach an upgraded phase.

In the past several years, Saint-Gobain has established contacts with more than 30 Professors from 6 different Departments of Tongji University, such as School of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, etc. Through these exchanges, two long-term PhD/ Post-Doc projects were initiated– on Electrochromic glass and cementitious materials. Today, a third research project was initiated in the field of Gypsum based materials. In addition, Saint-Gobain is also active in supporting student activities by setting up scholarship and activity sponsorship, where more than 1 million RMB has been donated during the past five years for the “Top singer competition” and student scholarships, eg. The “Tongji-Saint-Gobain Scholarship” has been awarded to more than 20 students from Civil engineering, Building, Materials and Automotive, etc.

In the future, Saint-Gobain and Tongji will work together to accelerate possible collaborations, coordination of joint endeavors for technical seminars, joint international labs and the access of lab capabilities and advanced equipment available in Tongji.