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SGRS’s Phase II Project Has Been Applying for LEED Green Building Certification

Saint-Gobain Research Center (Shanghai) Phase II Project is located at 55 Wenjing Road, Minhang Developing Zone, Shanghai, China. The building is adjacent to the existing Phase I building of the Research Center, and has been built on the reserved land. The total land area in the site is 10161.22 square meters, while the total construction area of Phase II is 8351.7 square meters. The Phase II new building includes one level of basement used for public utilities and parking and three levels above ground mainly used for offices, conference rooms, laboratories and canteen (no kitchen).

Saint-Gobain Research (Shanghai) Co., Ltd has designed and built the Phase II building by strictly following the LEED requirements by USGBC, and it has been applying for LEED NC Gold certification.

The PhaseII building has many energy saving and environment friendly features. They include, but not limited to, very efficient heat insulation systems for the roof and external walls, glass windows and glass curtain walls with an extra low U-value (thermal conductivity), solar hot water system, high SRI ceramic tiles installed on the roof, as well as roof garden and high performance lighting system. All those features will help greatly reduce building energy consumption. At the same time, the rainwater collection system built in Phase II will collect the rainwater to be used for cleaning and irrigation purposes, which will help reduce potable water consumption.

Furthermore, Saint-Gobain Research Shanghaiwill do our best to stop and/or minimize any wastes, emissions, and noisesduring operation, in order to protect the environment and to improve the comfort level of our employees.