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Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai Phase II Construction Project Breaks Ground

In order to support the key strategies of technology innovation and development in emerging countries of Saint-Gobain group and to meet the requirements of rapidly growing businesses in Asia-Pacific, particularly in China for the group, Saint-Gobain has decided and approved to start the Phase II construction project of our Shanghai R&D center.

Phase II project is located on 55 Wen Jing Road, Shanghai Minhang Development Zone, the same site as the current Phase I building of Shanghai R&D center. It will be built on the previously reserved land of about 2,100 square meters (excluding the roads). Phase II will most effectively utilize the limited land area and maximize the construction area, while of course under the condition to meet all the official construction codes and regulations of Shanghai city, Minhang district and Minhang Development Zone. The construction will be a concrete building with total designed construction area to be 8,351 square meters. It will be primarily a 4 storey building, including underground basement, and 3 storey levels above the ground, as well as some very localized tower structures on the 4th level above the ground mostly for the architectural reasons. The basement will be mainly used for consolidated Aging Lab for several different research Depts., some public utilities and parking, the 1st and 2nd levels above the ground will house different functional research labs, while the 3rd floor above the ground will be a “people floor”, featuring offices, meeting rooms, and a multiple function hall including employees’ canteen. The roof of Phase II building will contain a landscaping/resting area as well as solar application and demonstration area. All the labs in Phase II have been specially reviewed and approved by the govt.’s Environment Bureau and will be environment friendly labs generally without any emissions.

Phase II construction project will collectively use and exhibit various advanced building materials developed, produced and marketed by Saint-Gobain group, as the largest building material manufacturer in the world.

Phase II Project Will Also Attempt to Reach the Following Construction Targets:

1) Natural design with emphases on utilization convenience and more complete functions;
2) Harmonious blending architecturally and full integration operationally with Phase I;
3) Meeting the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development and constructing the first building in the world for Saint-Gobain group, which will achieve all the three green building
certifications: the US’s LEED (Gold), China’s GBDL (2 stars) and Saint-Gobain’s CARE:4 (less than 120 KWH of primary energy consumption per square meter per year for the 3rd floor, i.e., the office floor).

Total investment for Phase II project will be 55 MM RMB. The project already received govt. issued Construction Permit in August 28, 2012 and engineering pile driving started on the same day. It is currently forecasted that the construction will be completed and ready for occupancy around the middle of 2013,