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SGRS: Core Competencies

Saint-Gobain Research (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is the first R&D Center of Saint-Gobain Group in Asia, located in Minhang Development Zone at the heart of its Shanghai industrial complex, neighbouring 6 of SG plants of Performance Plastics, Glass for Automotive, Abrasives and Ceramics.

SGRS host a multidisciplinary team of chemists, material scientist, mechanical engineers and technicians in almost all advanced material sciences from ceramics to polymers, glass to cast iron, crystals to abrasives, inorganic grains & powders to refractories. Disciplines of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer modelling, ceramic and polymer engineering, grinding technology, coatings engineering are actively supporting SG business. As a transversal R&D center in Asia, SGRS is dedicated mainly to Innovative Materials. The center builds a strong technical competency in product development, in-depth scientific research and analysis, rapid response to business requests and frontline technology development. Equipped with modern scientific equipments, SGRS is taking part in fast-changing technical evolution. Polymer material processing, Abrasives, Powder processing and Optics Inspection are four main technical areas which are in direct linkage with SG products. Other activities including construction materials, refractories, quartz, cement and pipe are strongly supporting SG group in Asia.

World class researchers, advanced scientific equipments, vibrant innovative environment and active collaboration with universities represent SGRS as a habitat for future technology and innovative materials. Along with its sister Centers in Europe and North America, SGRS is moving forward to shape the technical world.